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Danny’s Dump Runs proudly services Glastonbury and the entire state of Connecticut. We are a full service junk removal and recycling company – we handle everything from garage clean outs to mattress removal to debris from a major construction site. No job is too big or too small. We provide friendly, professional service to make your life easier.

Our motto is: one call and we haul it all – Fast. We service both residential and commercial properties. With several years of experience, we can remove junk from your office, factory or home, fast and efficiently to get you your space back.

Our services include: Mattress Removal, Garbage Removal, Recycling, Storm Debris Removal, Clean Outs, Yard Debris Removal, Appliance Removal, Furniture Removal, Christmas Tree Removal, Electronic Waste Removal, and more… Dumpster rentals are also available.

No hazardous waste removal.

Danny's Dump Runs Junk Removal
Danny Zak1

Danny Zak

I was born and raised in the beautiful town of Glastonbury, Connecticut.  Since a very young age I have always had a strong desire to work.  With both of my parents being entrepreneurs, I had an unlimited wealth of opportunity to see different companies run different ways.  For that I am truly grateful.  Working in the property management company with my father, I notice there was a tremendous lack of reliable junk & bulk waste removal companies in the area for both home and commercial sites.  So, I thought I would make a go at it.

What started as a weekend job has quickly developed into a business beyond my wildest imagination.  I love helping people and enjoy working with homeowners as well as business and housing associations in the area.  So needless to say – I absolutely love what I do and look forward to helping you take back your space.

Servicing the Glastonbury area and all of Connecticut


Dumpster rentals available

From Electronic Waste to Storm Debris

What We Haul

  • Garbage
  • Recycling
  • Storm Debris
  • House and Apartment Cleanouts
  • Yard Debris
  • Appliances
  • Christmas Trees
  • Electronic Waste

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